Our Story

Started as a freelance trainer backed with the love and passion for sports and games in 2017, the dream of Mr Savio Nayak, former Indian Jr and Qatar National hockey player turned out to be one of the best sports fitness training centres in Qatar at present. The growth has been steady and swift. In the beginning, SAVS Sports & Fitness trained kids and teenagers for games such as Hockey, Football, Fun activities for kids etc. With the outstanding results seen for the kids, the efficiency of the programmes were realized by the parents and the trainees. At present, more than 100 trainees consisting of adults, teenagers and kids are now part of SAVS Sports & Fitness Programmes. Now SAVS Sports & Fitness is providing onsite training at schools, clubs and societies also. SAVS Sports & Fitness offers world-class facilities for meeting your needs using effective and natural ways. We currently have 4 permanent trainers and 6 guest coaches/trainers to provide the best results.

Founder & Chief Trainer

Mr Savio Nayak is the former India Junior Team & Qatar National Team hockey player, with outstanding exposure in International Sports. After his role at the national teams, his dream of choosing a career in sports was inevitable. Being an assistant trainer for national teams, he is fortunate to have worked together with India’s top trainers, coaches and players. He was also a lead player for Mumbai Customs.
With his wide exposure and calibre in sports, it was pretty obvious for him to choose his career in sports and fitness. He realized that the sports-specific training has to be started from a young age and chose to start with sports specific training for kids and teenagers. He started with 1 on 1 training and soon his training’s effectiveness and result attracted many, which paved the path to SAVS Sports & Fitness. With more than 100 trainees under the camp, SAVS Sports & Fitness has become one of the top names in sports specific and adult fitness programmes.
While focusing on sports specific training, Mr Savio’s mission directs at upbringing a healthy generation. He also focuses on developing a stress-free lifestyle for adults and senior people. He understands the needs of his clients better than anyone else. His enthusiasm to provide quality result-oriented sessions to his clients is his secret of success.


Make young sports talents and reduce risks of health-related problems in kids, adults & elder people through fitness activities that induce fun, happiness & strength.


Our mission is to reach out to every possible individual with practical and effective fitness activities that makes them live healthy and stress-free. Also, our mission is to develop the young talents to become mighty sportsmen in their respective sports.

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